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In 2014, almost 2 years after having my 4th baby, I was 175 pounds (I'm 5'6). I could not lose weight, even running full 26.2 mile marathons. I was the biggest I had ever been.

I was so frustrated. Why couldn't I figure this out? What did other people know that I didn't? Was I just not as disciplined as them? Was I just destined to be overweight?

No. I just needed to change some things.

Everything changed when I:

1. Stopped running so much

2. Started lifting weights

3. Switched to a low carb diet


4. Stayed consistent

The weight just fell off.

This was more than a physical transformation for me.

It was the beginning of my awakening.

I tapped into my own power.

I tapped into my destiny.

I learned I could do anything I put my mind to.

I qualified for the Boston and New York Marathons, a dream I had previously given up on.

The biggest thing wasn't the fact that I looked like a completely different person.

It was that I FELT like a completely different person. I was stronger, more confident and more aligned with my divine self.


Finally, I stopped doing what I thought I was "supposed to" and started doing what I was CALLED to do.

That calling is what brings us here.

My unique mission on this planet is expanding human potential through health.

I have experienced life when I was unhealthy. I was a completely different person who thought small and played small.

When I got healthy, I aligned with my soul's purpose, and I want that for everyone.

I now help people dive deep inside of themselves, as I have, with not only diet and exercise, but also DNA analysis, hair mineral testing, HRV/sleep tracking, supplementation, and more.

I am a nationally certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with multiple certifications and have been mentored by some of the best coaches in the world.

I am an eternal student and love sharing what I'm learning. You can find me daily on Instagram (watch my stories!) at @coachtaragarrison

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, where you can often find me hiking in the Wasatch Mountains. I coach clients remotely all over the world.


I specialize in the ketogenic diet and I think everyone should do a phase of keto. 

It teaches your body how to run off its own body fat for fuel!

Keto also:

Builds more mitochondria.

Makes new neuronal connections in your brain.

Wipes away inflammation.

Restores insulin sensitivity.

Heals the gut.

Heals disease.

And more...

Many people describe ketosis as an awakening of their brain.

They experience:

Better mood.

More mental clarity.

Fewer cravings.

Greater appetite control.

and more...


Because a fully functioning metabolism uses protein, fat and carbs.

We are using keto as a tool to teach your body to burn fat for fuel, then it's time to bring carbs back in.

This makes the weight loss game so much easier.

Many people don't know how to bring carbs back in after keto. Or they're scared to.

How much?

When do I eat them?

What kinds of carbs?

What do you actually eat?

I will show you.

And last?? I've also learned people don't know how to properly exercise on keto or how to shift things when eating more carbs. Let me show you how.



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