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Customize Your Health Strategy Based on Your DNA!

Want to stop wasting time and money "shooting in the dark" when it comes to your health?

Want to find out what you actually need? And what you don't?

DNA testing will tell you what YOU are genetically predisposed to need to support for from a diet, lifestyle and supplementation standpoint.

For example...

Do you have a genetic mutation that doesn't allow you to properly get folate or B12 out of your food? That's VITAL to know!

Do you have genetic predispositions for high inflammation, insulin resistance or low Vitamin D status? Supporting those issues are HUGE.

Do you have dopamine or serotonin issues that lead to addictions or depression?

These are WILDLY valuable pieces of information to know.

Once you know, the power is in your hands to easily support your genetic weaknesses, so you can customize your approach in a way that is most advantageous to YOU.

This has been LIFE CHANGING for me and for my clients.

This package includes:

1 23AndMe Health + Ancestry Test ($200 value)

Analysis of your 23AndMe Raw Data to pinpoint specific DNA SNP's that have the biggest impact on your health.

60-minute phone consult with Coach Tara to help you understand what these mutations mean and how to support them through diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

20% off discount on practitioner-grade supplements specific to your needs.

Order now and schedule your call with Tara!

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A few examples of what you will find out from this consult:

Common genetic mutations that have a huge impact on health:

COMT: Reduced ability to detox catecholamines and estrogen

MTHFR: Reduced ability to activate folate to 5-MTHF (the active form)

MTRR: Slower regeneration of B12

TCN2: Delivery of B12 to cells may be limited

APOA2: This SNP is associated with increased food intake and weight gain. Homozygous carriers are prone to weight gain when saturated fat intake is high.

DRD2: Lower dopamine levels, impaired response to dopamine; associated with memory impairment particularly in older individuals.

TCF7L2: The T allele may influence glucose homeostasis.

CRP: Individuals with the C allele (particularly CC genotypes) are predisposed to higher levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) than those with the TT variant (high CRP = inflammation).

MCM6: Genetic predisposition to lactose intolerance

I will go over the recommended diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations with you.

*Please note I am not a DNA expert. My role is helping you understand how to optimize your diet, lifestyle and supplement protocol based off the expert-backed DNA analysis I'm using with you.


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